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  1. You clever cookie! I've seen these around, but I would naver have thought to make my own. Nice job!

  2. Lana Mango, this is the way to re-use the one time used gloves!And I love the clean look of it.I had to show your fantastic idea to my Blog Hebrew readers. Here is the link

  3. Thanks, Abby, you're always so kind.Inbal, thanks for sharing it with your readers!

  4. I'm LOVING your blog! It's great! I discovered you today and I'm bloglifting TONS! You spoke about lists….shesh…I'm the queen. (I even have a master list that tracks the individual lists. Can't let myself become disorganized!)But, I'm bloglifting this idea too. I think it'll make GREAT gift ideas for family this year. How long do you think it needs to dry if you're not wanting to make a 6 week project? ;)Honeywww.mondorfment.blogspot.comWhen Mon(tessori)(Wal)dorf (and Attach)ment Parenting meet in our home.

  5. I came upon your site today while doing some food research for a book I’m writing. Brilliant! When I came upon your organization and decorating ideas, I found myself so engrossed I got completely distracted from my work. I’m in the same situation – nomad living around the world and just moved into a new house. Thanks so much for the excellent, clever, and money-saving ideas for just about everything. You rock!

  6. Love this idea. It looks great. I think I’ll try it…

  7. Hi I found this on Pinterest while searching for something else and as you probably know its very easy to get distracted by something else and hours later still haven’t found what you are looking for as you find wonderful ideas everywhere. Your jewellery display is awesome, thank you for sharing your tutorial and I will share and pin it now as it is fantastic , andrea

    1. Lana Mango says:

      Thanks a lot for coming to visit, Andrea.

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