Modern White Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Make Your Bedroom into a Peaceful Retreat

I have a secret wish: I want to live in a hotel, one of those fancy, rustic, tropical ones. I love their rustic modern designs and their white bedrooms that feel so light and airy. It’s funny because I hate hotels.

I suppose I just like the decor, and having someone come do my bed every day, do the cleaning, change my towels. I am sure it’s one of those things that are great when daydreaming but gets old in real life. Perhaps I can recreate their serene modern white bedrooms with some decorating ideas, and some minor shopping.

Modern white bedrooms decor
Serene white bedrooms decor ideas

If you too love white bedrooms, and dream of turning yours into a serene refuge, here are some ideas to help you.

Great ideas to decorate a white bedroom

  • Pick your white: There’s more than just one white, you know. You can go with as close a pure white as is actually physically possible, or maybe a creamy white that will make your room feel warmer, or maybe a bluish tone to make it look cool and tropical. Get some pain samples and do some experimenting (if you’re allowed to paint your walls, that is).
  • Add color: You should know that you do not need to bar color and fun, or turn it into one of those minimalistic horror shows that look like an old-timey assylum. Yeah, white goes great with whatever color you love most. The trick is being a bit stingy with the colors
White bedroom decoration
  • Add texture: Natural fiber rugs, lamps, baskets and accesories go great with a white decor, adding warmth without being too loud. Furry, knitted or crocheted pillows are also a great addition.
  • Plants galore!: Nothing like plants to make a space feel welcome, and alive. Pothos are amazing, and can be draped over things, or put somewhere high and let them hang. Palms add a great tropical touch to any room, and well, there’s always cacti for the brown-thumbed ones among us.

Shop the look

Pick some ideas from these beautiful bedrooms and incorporate them into yours. These are some of my favorite picks: Furry pillows, straw floor cushions, and knitted pillows are perfect to mix and match with your white bedroom style.

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  1. Macrame wall hanging
  2. Natural fiber round rug
  3. Wooven bamboo pendant lamp
  4. Macrame hammock hanging chair
  5. Pastel pendant trio
  6. Pink knitted throw
  7. Stackable box bookcases
  8. Plushy rug
  9. Gold picture frames gallery
  10. Pink chair
White bedroom decor lanamango 1

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