DIY Wall Boxes

Diy wall boxes

Nothing I am showing you here is my invention. These exact things are available from a number of online and mortar and brick shops. I have also seen them with covered backs in various blogs and magazines.

Where I took a turn was in deciding I would build them myself.

Diy wall boxes

This is as easy a carpentry project as it gets. One only needs to have a basic grasp of measuring. Before anything I drew the plan for the boxes with the measurements I wanted (taking wood thickness into account). Then to the easy part:

How to make diy wall boxes

1. First, I cut the sides.
2. Assembly time: Glue and brads is all is needed.
3. I filled the gaps with putty and sanded, sanded, sanded.
4. Then paint.

The backs are pieces of cardboard covered with fabric and Hardcoat Mod Podge (for easy cleaning), then stapled to the box. You can use store-bought hardware for hanging. I made my own with wire, wire cutter and pliers. I also applied double-side tape to the back for extra safety.

Diy wall boxes

For the boxes I used the same acrylic paint I used elsewhere in the room. I am keeping with my basic palette of blues and greens. But in the Swiss Army Room, which besides being my office during work hours, is also the guest room and my sewing/craft room, I wanted to pay homage to my favorite design element: fabric.

I am allowing myself to go a little nuts with fabric.

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  1. Kara's Korner says:

    Very cute! I love the added color and pop on the back, it's such a fun addition!Great job!

  2. Jennifer Juniper says:

    I just saw boxes like this in a home decor magazine! Love them 🙂

  3. Love the boxes Lana Mango, those prints are very cool with the aqua painted frames.Your creative space is looking good.. I am working on mine!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very beautiful! I've been wondering whether you can cover fabric with something to make it easier to clean. Thanks so much for the tip! -EJ-

  5. Urbanstems says:

    Love the boxes and you really are one creative and handy lady.I have an old wine box in the shed I maybe just inspired to get creative now! Great post. Bet your office will be fab. Sinead

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