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Fake, Fun and Cool, DIY Fabric Closet Doors Curtains Ideas

Check out these fun, fake fabric closet doors to cover a fake closet built in our office/guest room that hide myriad stuff we didn’t want gathering dust and uglifying the room. Inexpensive, and easy to make, get some inspiration if you are searching how to cover closet without doors, and make your own cool closet doors.

Diy fabric closet doors.
DIY Fabric Closet Doors.

The fake closet

Working from home had been a thing for a while, and especially after the whole thing that happened in 2020. You know, the pandemonium. We turned the closet in this room into a home office, but there was su much more that we needed to store here, and still have some place for guests (Haha! Guests! What’s that?) to hang their clothes. We put some shelves on one of the walls, to store all the boxes.

How to cover closet without doors

Fake wardrobe.
Wardrobe for guests, fake closet doors on both sides.

Adding actual doors to it was out of the question / budget, so we needed to find creative ways how to cover a closet without doors. We covered the storage with a handmade curtain, so only a “wardrobe” was left in the middle. Buy why hang just a boring curtain, when you can make fake doors, drawers, and shelves to the fake closet.

Fake closet door.
Fake closet door drawn on fabric.

On the left side, the curtain has two “doors”. The one on the right has two doors, as well as open shelves and drawers. They look like the hand-drawn sketches designers usually make when they come up with an idea. Although the lines are pretty straight, they still have the waviness that comes naturally when creating quick free-hand sketches.

Fake shelves and drawers on fake closet door.
Fake shelves and drawers on fake closet door.

DIY fabric closet doors

And if you think they are drawn on fabric, you’d be wrong. The lines are actually sewn in zigzag stitch.

The first step (after a quick sketch on paper, of course) was to draw everything on a very large piece of cheap painter canvas drop cloth using vanishing ink marker. Then machine-sewing it using a loose zigzag stitch.

Drawing the details on canvas with disappearing ink.
Drawing the details on canvas with disappearing ink.

Maneuvering a very large and heavy piece of canvas around a small sewing machine was the hardest part.

Cool closet doors details

Here’s a look at some of the cool details added onto the fabric:

  • One side was drawn as two regular closet doors, including “handles” made with blue felt sewn onto the fabric.
  • The other side was drawn as a bookshelf with drawers, including boxes, sewing machines (stored behind), books, and even a vase with flowers.
Fake doors with felt handles.
Fake doors with felt handles.
Fake books and vase with sewn fabric flowers.
Fake books and vase with sewn fabric flowers.
Fake shelf with storage boxes.
Fake shelf with storage boxes.
Fake shelf with sewing machine and drawers.
Fake shelf with sewing machine and drawers.

The text was also stitched in the sewing machine. From a couple of meters away you can barely see it’s sewed, it looks hand-drawn. Those are some of the fabric flowers that were sewn onto the canvas. For the doors and drawers, I used pieces of felt as handles and pulls. They also look like ink from afar.

To finish, the hems were sewn with white thread, and added some curtain rings to hang them.

To make your own you with have to measure the exact width and height needed, and add a hem allowance (½ inch is good). If you don’t have a sewing machine, or don’t want to sew it, you can go back and repeat the lines over the disappearing ink with blue fabric ink for a real hand-drawn effect.

Materials needed

I am a big fan of mixing design with whimsy and humor, so this is one of our favorite projects.

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  1. Lana Mango says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. this is so fantastically awesome! you have given me a new idea for my own faux-closet.

  3. I absolutely love these Lana Mango! They're almost better than the real thing – certainly more fun!I can't imagine doing all that sewing mind..

  4. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks, Amity and MIss Val.And yes, creativity beats money any day (at least when it comes to decor).

  5. Whimsy is great in times like these. I must say after reading you since the beginning I look at everything much differently–in other words, I try to find a free, frugal way to decorate, design or transform. Modge Podge is my new best friend as well as blackboard paint. Thanks for being inspiring!

  6. Miss Val's Creations says:

    What a fun idea! Very original!

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