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How to Make Headbands, Easy Ideas for Handmade DIY Head Bands and Hairbands

There’s something about headbands that I love, they’re like socially approved tiaras. Learn how to make headbands for selling, to keep for yourself, or to give away as gifts. There are also handmade, and personalized hairbands that are just gorgeous. You can keep your hair from going unruly, and look all Fancy Nancy at the same time.

These are some ideas for handmade DIY headbands that I’ve made, and many I’ve found over the internet.

Fabric flower headband
Fabric flower headband

How to make flower headband

This is what we did, but first you’ll need the plastic part of the hair band. You can buy them online, but in this case I reused an old one.

How to make a headband: padding the hairband
How to make a headband step 1

I striped the plastic insert. It was in a bad shape, so I decided to give it some padding to cover the glue residue on top. I first covered the top with some organic padding for quilts.

How to make a headband: covering the hairband
How to make a headband step 2

I then covered the padding with a piece of fabric, I folded it tightly, and glued it on the inside.

How to make a headband: finishing with tape
How to make a headband step 3

To cover the unfinished fabric edge I used some hem tape ironed on the inside. That way there is no glue residue  showing, and the hem tape gives it a flawless finish.

How to make flower for headband: sewed petals
How to make a headband step 4

The flowers were 12 triangles of fabric, I sewed each pair, turned and ironed, then I joined them with some hand-stitching.

How to make hairband lanamango
Flower headband

I searched for a button I liked for the center, in the end I decided to cover one with he same fabric as the band. I glued the petals and button to the band.

DIY Christmas headbands

Christmas headband
Christmas headband

How do you like this Christmas headband modeled by “Little Mango”? It’s made with felt. The hairband is covered with felt in the same manner as the first. The antlers and ears are sewn. The ears have two layers of a lighter felt fabric, and a layer of a pinkish one for the center.

How to make hairband christmas lanamango step6

The antlers were stuffed with the stuffing from an old cushion.I also made a Christmas flower and glued it to it.

Hello kitty cat ears hairband

How to make cat hello kitty hairband

This super cute Hello Kitty headband with cats ears and pink bow was made with felt too, using the same type of plastic hairband. Instead of stuffing as the deer antlers on the Christmas one, I instead sewed to pieces of felt for every piece, and turned it. That made it thicker and gave it more body.

How to make a knotted headband

Boho headband
Boho headband

These cute sewn knotted hairbands comes to help us control the mop on top of our heads. This one is the Boho headband by Julie, an easy, free, headband sewing pattern

Check out her post to learn how to make a headband from fabric.

To make baby headbands

Checkout these amazing patterns for the cutest baby headbands you could ever find. Any of these crochet baby headbands would make a great baby shower gifts. I can’t seem to pick my favorite, but the baby flower headband and the one with the giant bow are calling my name.

See the patterns: pattern 1 | pattern 2 | pattern 3 | pattern 4

Crochet headbands

And back to DIY headbands for adults…

Crochet headband
Crochet headbands

I love crocheting and crochet accessories. Check out this cute crochet hairband I made with some chenille yarn. It’s not only super soft, it’s also quite warm and the comfiest way to keep your ears warm in the winter. You can find the exact tutorial and free pattern for a crochet headband that I used in the video below.

I also love these beautiful crochet braided headbands below that can be made in so many colors. I’d love a chenille one.

Knitted stretchy headband

Knitted headband
Knitted headband

This is another headband I made from alpaca yarn, so warm, so impossibly soft. This was a gift for grandma. I do not have a pattern for it, but if you’re an OK knitter it would be no trouble to figure it out.

How to make headbands to sell

Any of the ideas above would make for great craft fair or Etsy store fares. They all require little material, and just by changing the fabric or yarn color you’ll have many options to offer.

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