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  1. I am loving that milk carton – that is so cool. Move over Martha…

  2. This post is simply gorgeous Lana Mango! love all the beautiful photos…love everything!hugsLila

  3. Lovely ideas, and pretty pictures, as always.My birthday is next month. I am just saying. ;)~ Sunny ~

  4. purplehomes says:

    gosh! I can't make up mind on which one is my fav! they are all so pretty. Last year just before the festival season started, I did a post on gift wrapping. I have a feeling you will like going through it 🙂

  5. Lovely ideas Lana Mango.. In my family we take great pride in gift-wrapping, Christmas is always interesting to see what 'themes' everyone comes up with.. plain brown paper is a recurring favourite, with various embellishments, different ribbons, string and parcel tags etc. Last year my youngest sister wrapped all her gifts in pages from the UK financial times newspaper (printed on pink paper) which I loved!

  6. Wow, Prachi, that's a nice collection of beautiful ideas. Thanks for sharing that.Oh, pink newspaper, that sounds cool.

  7. These are gorgeous! I am a big fan of brown paper and beautiful ribbon for christmas presents – and I will quite often wrap presents for ladies in gorgeous bright linen tea towels.

  8. I really like the stamped newspaper – I've thought of stamping my own gift wrap and using newspaper for gifts, but it never occured to me to try them together. Impressive collection of ideas!

  9. I just checked your blog Charissa, wow, a whole blog dedicated to gift-wrapping.

  10. Hi Lana Mango – Thanks so much! I’ve never seen someone make their own ‘milk’ carton for wrapping. It turned out beautifully! Thanks again!

  11. Hi I'm here says:

    This is an awesome idea!! THX sooo much!

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