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How to Make a Slipcover for a Sectional Sofa, Ideas for DIY Removable Slip Cover

Let’s talk about my slipcover sectional. I tried to found the best ideas on how to make a slipcover for a sectional sofa on the internet, and I show you here what I found, as well as the solution that ended up working for me.

I think slipcovers should be mandatory on all sofas because, unless you refrain from actually sitting on them, it is inevitable that eventually an accident will happen. A sectional with removable covers is your sanity’s best ally.

Diy slipcover sectional
DIY Slipcover Sectional

I am not a stranger to making my own slipcovers. I had already managed to make decent slipcovers for a small sofa and two chairs. They were made out of 10 yards of white denim I bought on eBay. I was VERY happy with the results.

But why a white sectional slipcover? Doesn’t white defeat the purpose? Not in my opinion. I find white slip covers are easier to maintain, though probably need more frequent washes. You may choose another color, because the process to making your own slipcover is still the same.

Diy sofa and armchairs slipcovers
DIY sofa and armchairs slipcovers

The white slipcovered sectional in our family room is another matter.

The all-white sectional actually came with a removable cover, the problem is that removing it is a lot of work, and the fabric needs to be dry-cleaned, something I’d rather avoid. I wanted something that could be thrown in the washing machine and put back on quickly. This was the best method I found to make slipcover sectional covers.

White slipcovered sectional
White slipcovered sectional

How to Make a Slipcover for Sectional Sofa

I have to be frank with you, and lay it out upfront, making your own slipcovers requires some basic sewing skills, but this is not for teaching you those. Making a slip cover for sectional sofas is another extra layer of complexity, but if you are looking for some ideas to get the job done, you’ll find them here.

Very important tip for sectional slipcovers

Each side of a regular sofa is a mirror image of the other. For a regular sofa it doesn’t matter how you pin and drape because the cover will fit anyway.

However, for a sectional, both sides are different, so make sure that you are paying attention how you cut and sew the pieces because if they don’t fit they will be ruined.

Best fabric for slipcover sectional

What is the best fabric for a DIY sectional couch covers will depend on your personal preference, and your own sewing abilities. I personally prefer a cotton, upholstery-grade fabric, and denim is a great choice, and a fabric that takes a beating and does well in the wash.

I bought some 16 yards of white denim for this whole sofa. I actually bought ten, and then had to order more to finish the cushions (which is why in some photos you can see the different whites with the old cover and the slipcover).

Tools to make a slipcover

Sewing upholstery fabric requires some specific tools. You’ll also need upholstery thread, heavy duty sewing machine (this is mine) and heavy duty needles.

You’ll also need heavy-duty pins, and fabric marker (with disappearing ink).

DIY sectional couch covers

The process to sew your own slip covers for a sectional is a lot more complicated than sewing one for a sofa, for starters both sides of the sectional are different, so the usual method of pinning the fabric inside-out does not work.

Pinning and cutting the pieces
Draping, pinning and cutting the pieces
Marking and pinning fabric
Marking and pinning fabric

I draped the sofa in small sections (arms first) with the fabric right-side-out, pinned and cut the pieces as I went along, leaving half an inch of sewing allowance. I also marked some points where the pieces had to coincide once sewn.

Once cut, I removed all the pins one by one, and put them back reverting the sewing allowance inside out as I went along. This will make sure that the pieces will fit the different sides of the sectional.

Slipcover sectional sew diy lanamango 13

Once the sofa cover itself was made, I proceeded with the bottom cushions.

Because these were two enormous cushions, and to save fabric and effort, I made a fitted-sheet-style cover. To do this, I draped the upside part of the cushion with the fabric (right-side-out) and wrapped and pinned it as shown in the picture.Once cut, I removed all the pins one by one, and put them back reverting the sewing allowance inside out as I went along. This will make sure that the pieces will fit the different sides of the sectional.

The bottom of the cushion will remain mostly exposed. This has the advantage of make it easier and quicker to remove, uses considerably less fabric, and doesn’t require a zipper.

Slipcover sectional
Slipcover sectional

For the pillow I made covers in the same style as envelope pillowcases that require very little sewing and no zipper.

More ideas to make your own slip covers



Buy pre-made sectional slipcovers

Buy: Cover 1 | Cover 2 | Cover 3

Some people are scared of white sofas, to them I say: Fear not! These white denim slipcovers can withstand anything you throw at them, a cycle through the washing machine and some non-chlorine bleach will cure whatever might ail them.

So what’s your opinion on white sofas?

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  1. I have a project just like that I think I will give it a try It came out great love the idea of the white denim THANK’S FOR THE IDEA

      1. Lana Mango says:

        Thank you, Dorothy. I am glad it was helpful.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I have the sofa(Friday Collection @ JCPenneys) like your sectional in off white. It too needs to be dry cleaned, however I took a chance and washed it in cold. It did come some what clean, but I was afraid to use and bleach. Considered on making a new cover, seeing that the slipcover for it is $300 (eeek). Thank you for making me think about making one again, you make it seems easy.

  3. We too, have a sectional – beige and brown; but I’m am a new freak about everything being white! (I can always add pops of color other ways, and I’m so tired of neutrals – yuck!

    Thing is, I don’t see, so I’m wondering if I found a seamstress to make slipcovers, would it end up costing us the same as buying a new (or good used) white sectional?

    I’m not afraid of white either – and there’s always Scotch Guard!

    1. Meant to say I don’t “sew”

    2. Lana Mango says:

      We are still using the covers years after I made them. They are worn out in parts (we wash them often), but the fabric is so soft now, like old jeans. I have to make new ones. 🙂


    I love this page, how many hours, roughly, did it take you to do that? I am quoting someone, and they have a similar couch to cover, so I am going to go by an hourly price, but need to make sure it is worth it.

    1. I was so happy to see how you did the arm I tried 3x also happy to see you make mistakes and went forward I will try again in 2016. thank you

  5. Raquel Hernandez says:

    Love what you did with the slip covers, wonderful idea when you cant take off the cushions with the fitted sheets. Now my question is about the back cushions,mine are attached to the furniture and I can’t get them off. How will I be able,to do this? If you have any idea, let me know. Thank you.

    1. Lana Mango says:

      I would be as stumped as you. Luckily mine have removable cushions.

  6. Do you know where I can buy a patterno for an L- shape sofa

    1. Lana Mango says:

      Sorry, no, I don’t.

  7. Sparkel Lewis says:

    I need a sofa cover for my sectional can u make me one

    1. Lana Mango says:

      Sorry, I can’t. 🙁

  8. XoxoPetite says:

    Hi Lana Mango!!! Looove that I came across your blog. I have been trying to find a tutorial for a slipcover for my sectional. I have the leather on the outside and have microfiber cushions that I HATE. 🙂 Your tutorial is awesome as I think that you just made me realize I can do that "fitted sheet type method" on my cushions. Could you give me details as to how you did the cushions though? How do they stay? Please, thank you!! 🙂

  9. Lana Mango says:

    Kim, don't be scared by it. Yes, it's a lot of work, but it's not really brain surgery-difficult. Try with an inexpensive fabric (dropcloth?) to start, in case you don't like the result.

  10. Kim@Living with Little People says:

    I love your fearlessness! I desperately want to make covers for our sofas (hideous green check inherited from the man's bachelor life) but it is very daunting.

  11. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks, Sana, Kat and Kim.Kim, I suggest to go with white. The advantage of white is that you can bleach it, a linen color will probably not withstand the treatment.Sana, the biggest difficulty is the size of the customer, not so much the complexity of the dress. 🙂

  12. That looks great! I am a huge fan of white slipcovers. I haven't gone there yet, but I have thought about it many times. I'm currently waffling b/t white and a linen color.

  13. Kat from California says:

    Very nice and impressive!

  14. your sofa looks great, and will even more when you replace slipcovers of those cushions. i am afraid of such a big project.

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