DIY Desk Organizer from Old Ikea CD Organizer

Isn’t nice when you find a completely different and useful function for something that is no longer needed?

This little hutch, perfect for desk organization, is made out of two old (and certainly discontinued) Ikea CD holders. Since nobody is using CDs anymore, I saved them from the trash.

DIY desk organizer

How I made it

I sanded the boxes, joined them with glue and nails, and painted it white.

The two little bars inside were originally on top (you can see the marks from when I pried them off), they were used for stacking the boxes. I relocated them.

Four little Dollar Store baskets and the new little hutch now has four drawers for keeping some of my most frequently-used small items.

It resulted in a happy, little, colorful organizer for my desk.


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  1. Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too says:

    Love the idea! One can never have too much storage space. I am looking in my garage in just a few to see what I can find to work with. (like I need one more project but hey…helps to end clutter) I have become a follower of your site.

  2. We can't find the kind of ink cartridges we need for one of our printers and only black for the other. At first we would order from the U.S. and have them sent but that was expensive and time consuming. Found a computer store locally that will re-fill for us and so far we've been pleased with the end product.

  3. Geez, chickie, your creative talent knows no bounds, does it? I love these. Fantastic transformation.

  4. Little Treasures says:

    Oh my! What a lovely makeover! I scrolled up and down the "before" and "after" shots and must say you did an amazing job! And again! – excellent photos!And btw lovely profile pic!

  5. Kim@Living with Little People says:

    Everything in your home is so bright and cheerful.

  6. It looks great! I love how you repurpose existing items into something extremely functional yet really cute as well.

  7. Aunt Ilana says:

    Glad to be of service – they look great!

  8. Anonymous says:

    That is so beautiful and handy – but you always do that!-EJ-

  9. Lana Mango says:

    @ Anji:I had an old all-in-one HP that used some mighty expensive cartridges. I used to buy substitutes on eBay, and while the printer would throw a fit and fail to acknowledge that the cartridges were *not* empty, it still printed.@ Chiri: :o)

  10. Urbanstems says:

    Lana Mango..yay to recycling! Looks fab. My you are one handy lady.Sinead x

  11. Very handy! We're in the process of doing a big tidy/re-organise at our house, just you wait and see – one day I will be as organised as you are!Never had an HP printer, but my temperamental Epson will only play with OEM ink, it throws a wobbly if I use anything else.

  12. Lana Mango says:

    OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. It usually refers to parts built by the manufacturer or the equipment. In this case HP original cartridges.

  13. Chamalisha says:

    You are a real handy-women. Nice job! I love it

  14. I'm wondering do all people have your kind of creativity but have not unlocked it within themselves yet? What is OEM?

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