How to Take Care of Orchids

How to take care of orchids

If you were to choose a type of flower that conveys the essence of tropical beauty, that has to be orchids.

Orchids have an elegant simplicity matched with such bright colors that I find very pleasant.

How to take care of orchids

After killing countless orchids, some questions to the experts, and a lot of googling, I’ve found a regime that works to maintain orchids alive and blooming much longer. Caring for orchids is easier than you may fear.

How to Take Care of Orchids:

The first thing you should know is that orchids are native to tropical rain forests, where they live using a tree-trunk as their base. The secret to keeping them happy is to give them similar conditions to their native environment.

Orchids like humidity, but not excess water. They also need a nutrient-rich soil substitute, never soil itself

How to take care of orchids

In terms of daily care, what’s worked best for me is to mix liquid feed (there are plenty available for orchids) and potable water (make sure you don’t use hard water, the excess mineral will build up). I spray this mix directly on the roots in lieu of water.

Make sure you follow the direction on the bottle of plant feed to make sure you don’t over or underfeed your plant.

Keep orchids in a bright, sunny place, but never exposed to direct sun. Keep them from windy places, they are fairly delicate and the flowers and stem might break, or the plant will overdry.

How to take care of orchids

When the orchids lose the flowers, continue caring for them in the same way, in weeks or months they will bloom again.

If you notice that a part of the plant is separating and growing new roots, you may separate them and plant them separately, if you’re patient you will eventually (in months) have another blooming plant.

How to take care of orchids

Now it doesn’t sound so complicated, does it?

These are the new beauties that came home with me from my visit to the farm. They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Don’t die on me little friends, don’t die on me! ::Cue Midnight Cowboy soundtrack::

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  1. I love orchids. I fail miserably at keeping them alive (as I do with most houseplants). I have a beautiful one which my mum gave me for my birthday this year, it's just about surviving.. Mum told me rainwater only and I think she said citrus tree food/fertiliser works for orchids? but don't quote me on that!

  2. Lana Mango says:

    It hasn't been exactly tropical here these days, but today the sun is shining. I can't leave too long without sunshine.

  3. So beautiful. It's starting to get chilly here, so I'll need your tropical blog photos even more. I cannot keep orchids alive. Ever.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cool pictures. Your home really shows that you live in the tropics. Everything from the colors to the light.~ Sunny~

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