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  1. Great idea, I just got a cute shoe box with zebra stripes and I was wondering what I could do with it! Storage….I can always use storage!

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind words Amy and kenziekylanmom. I can't believe the idea never occurred to me before. I have actually paid for storage boxes when I could have been just buying new shoes all along.

  3. Brilliant! (immediately rushing out to buy lots of new shoes – for the boxes – honest!)

  4. Hola Lana Mango! Gracias por compartir ests fantásticas ideas en tu blog! Te quería preguntar cómo forrar las tapas de los frascos. Resulta que tengo un montón de frascos de la salsa Barilla y estas fotos me han inspirado a usarlas para algo, pero me gustaría forrar las tapas con algún pattern lindo. Intenté hacerlo con tela pero no me quedó bien. Gracias!!

  5. Hola Mariana,Some of them simply have a ribbon wrapped along the edge. For the glass jars I cut a circle of fabric, spread Mod Podge on the lid and then glued on the fabric, stretching it to get the wrinkles out, then I cut the excess fabric along the edge and glued the rickrack to finish the edge. You can see them in detail here: contesté en inglés para el beneficio de quienes no leen inglés, envíame un email a Lana Mango [arroba] thehomeinparadise [punto] com si necesitas explicación más detallada en español.

  6. Thanks for the quick reply, Lana Mango! I'll give it a try following your instructions :)I love your blog btw!

  7. Those are breakable bottles. The storage should be higher so kids won’t be able to grab it easily just in case they will enter your room.

  8. My daughter does not reach there yet. And even if she did, she's not the type to do something so risky, she's an unusually sensible kid.But thanks for the valid concern.

  9. I love those boxes and bottles. Boxes are not as heavy as the bottles but it's good to check the placement of the screws. Loose screws should be checked from time to time to prevent unexpected danger.

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