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  1. I love and wear a lot of gray. In the summer when I am tan it compliments my skin. In the winter when I am pasty white with yellow undertones to my skin, it successfully makes me look alive. It's staple color in my teacher clothes and my casual clothes!:)

  2. Pretty tee :)I like wearing grey too – mixing different shades of grey is cool.

  3. Love your tee and the little flowery detail at the neckline is really cute!I too like to wear grey and it suits my complexion very well.

  4. The tee is very sweet, and those pictures look like you took them from a catalog. Great job!~ Sunny ~

  5. I like the idea of repairing a tee like that. Nice job.

  6. I'm a fan of grey too, as you may have noticed. I really like your design there.

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