Reusing Bottles as Vases

Reusing bottles as vases

If you have been around here a while you’ve probably noticed two things: I like reusing things instead of buying new ones, and I love reusing bottles with interesting shapes in decoration.

This also make a great excuse for buying and drinking fancy liquors. Just for the bottle, of course.


Reusing bottles as vases

The two bottles in the back were painted inside with enamel paint, the purple one is one I got with some homemade drink about 20 years ago and have kept since.

Reusing bottles as vases

These are paper flowers on my daughter’s bedside table, but I the little blue jar was formerly a mayo jar. I read about this on  Gingerbread Snowflakes (via Mod Podge Rocks).

She mixed Mod Podge Outdoor (Amazon affiliate link) with food coloring to paint glass. Where I added to her technique was on the way to apply it. I stippled two very fine coats of the mixture (with drying time in between) using a small foam brush. This gave the glass a frosted look and it resulted in a nearly-uniform color.

A trick to removing the labels on some bottles is to leave soaking overnight. If some residue is left, then use paint thinner or lighter fluid to remove it.

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  1. I really really want to try this. It just looks so great. However, I doubt I'll find any Mod Podge here in Germany. I wonder if you could use wallpaper paste instead? I use it a lot for all kinds of crafts…Oh, and by the way: I just love your home. Especially the fresh colours.

  2. What a brilliant idea! They look so pretty, especially the white one!Rachel x

  3. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks, Anji. Some bottles are pretty as they are, others have great shapes but are still boring. Making my own "vases" means I can change things every time I want without spending any money.

  4. Lana Mango, I seriously love this.. I keep bottles! and jars, tins, in fact any type of container I like or think may be useful one day! (I do get in trouble sometimes over how many!!)I often use pretty bottles as vases, just cleaned and as they are. Your various techniques for altering them are fantastic! I must have a go with some of my stashed bottles/jars..

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