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  1. I´m very curious about the mags boxes because I have many to organize!And the bookcase it´s perfect!! I love the colours you use!

  2. You did a wonderful job! Love the different blues and greens against white (I have the same colors at my home).Can't wait to hear about the magazine boxes. 🙂

  3. Thanks! This was something that up to the very last moment I didn't believe would work, but I hate throwing away things if I can squeeze one last drop of usefulness out of them. It turned out surprisingly well.

  4. This is such a cool redo. I wouldn't have thought to add the legs- that alone makes it look soooo much better, not to mention the cute paint and mod-podge! Great job.

  5. FABULOUS!!!! You have great style and this is such an awesome job!

  6. Great job. Was the wood actually "wood"? Looks like it's a laminate. I have a diaper changing table that I want to redo somehow but it's laminate. Any suggestions?

  7. Just popped over from Better After. Love your makeover. We just redid a tabletop with fabric too. I didn't know about the ModPodge. We put a piece of plexiglass over it to protect it. I'll have to check out the Mod Podge. I'm sure it's much cheaper. 🙂

  8. Gee, thanks everybody. I appreciate the nice comments.Denise, this is laminate, but not "high quality" (read with sarcastic tone) Ikea type laminate. This is like contact paper, it is really, really cheap. To put it in perspective, the paint is worth as much as this cost me when I bought it. It is also a failure of engineering. It was only held by 8 screws, and it was already pretty wobbly. It is now very sturdy.

  9. Oh you are SO inspiring! I currently have a similar bookcase that is well on it's way to the curb….but maybe I should save myself a few bucks and give it an overhaul??? Thanks for sharing! Great job!

  10. I just "saved" a bookcase myself. I used wallpaper sample pages to cover the shelves and top of a small bookcase to go in a dorm room.

  11. I'm so bloglifting this. I have a few of those little junky bookcases holding some Montessori materials. I think this looks wonderful and definitly gives it a better look. I wanted to share that if you buy some 1/4 wood and use that instead of the original 'cardboard' it'll help LOTS with the wobbly. Out of all the years I have had those things they've never wobbled…they're ugly and beg to be put out of their misery…but they don't wobble. Here soon they'll have a makeover and will stop trying to put a shelf in the light socket. They'll have something to live for! ;)Honey

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