Christmas Paper Ornaments

My daughter and i love crafting together, this is how we made some christmas paper ornaments.

I have to confess to having been a Grinch most of my life. It’s not that I hated Christmas, it was the consumerism, ridiculous decorations and never-ending carols. Especially the carols, they still drive me nuts.

But as Little Mango grows older, I’ve learned to appreciate the spirit of togetherness and family that inspire people at this time of the year. It helps a lot that temperatures drop down considerably, making people more comfortable, relaxed, and friendlier (if that were possible).

My daughter and I love crafting together, this is how we made some Christmas paper ornaments.

My daughter and i love crafting together, this is how we made some christmas paper ornaments.

It is not time to deck the halls yet, at least not in my calendar. Many local malls have bedecked their isles with Christmas decoration since September. No, I am not joking. But since I consider myself a reasonably sane person, I think December 1st is a good time to bring out the ornaments,  and if you are going to make new ones, this is a good time to start.

I am all for simple and cheap, when it comes to holidays decoration, a little restrain goes a long way, and much as I love twinkly lights, turning our home into a small replica of Las Vegas is not in the books. Would somebody think of the planet?

My daughter and i love crafting together, this is how we made some christmas paper ornaments.

All we have is a few hand-painted traditional Danish ornaments (a gift to Little Mango from my mother in law, which we painted when Little Mango was 3). This year Little Mango and I have decided to make some ornaments ourselves, simple things, and in tasteful colors, if possible.

We made some paper “balls” using scrapbooking paper, and some paper lanterns too. We put a fake battery-operated candle in the lanterns. We made free-standing ones and hanging lanterns. They are very simple to make.
First, download a sample pattern here. Print it on cardstock and use it to trace the shape on the scrapbooking paper.

My daughter and i love crafting together, this is how we made some christmas paper ornaments.

1. Cut out 5-7 circles (or as many as you like) and fold them in half.
2. Apply silicone glue on the folded edge and join two circles.
3. Keep adding the remaining circles that way.
4. If you made a lantern, you can line it with wax paper or similar translucent paper.

You can add a small paper bow to the balls. I hung them using a fine fishing line, but I can see that a thin ribbon would look very pretty too.

This is a great activity to entertain the wee ones. They’ll be very proud of their ornaments, and they could be used for several years if they are folded and properly stored (zippy bag).

Aunt Clara

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  1. Lana Mango says:

    Yes, Spam it is. It's actually the first time I get any spam on my blog. I guess the time will come when I'll have to moderate comments. :(I hate spammers!

  2. Is that last comment from 'xiao' spam Lana Mango ??It doesn't make sense grammatically and I've heard that's a sign.Plus it seems like it's desperately trying to get us to a particular site..Jo xx

  3. purplehomes says:

    so pretty! I tried the same last year for my little one's first birthday. Had so much fun making them

  4. These are adorable! Of course, your gorgeous Pottery Barn-looking photos of them really shine. :)My ballerinas love to craft. I'll have to try this with them. Thanks!

  5. Those are gorgeous. Such beautiful paper choices.

  6. Maria Dermengiu says:

    Hi Lana Mango! beautiful ornaments! you're right about one thing, there is time for everything and everything should be made at the right time :)have a great week-end, hugs,Maria

  7. They look so pretty, and sound easy to make too.I'm with you on the christmas carols and consumerism.

  8. I hate the 'too early' displays in the shops too. From my own experience working in retailing in my teens, I can confirm that by Dec 24th Phil Spector's Christmas Album is enough to induce homicidal rage. I love your simple hand made decorations. The child in me would say you have to go a long way to beat good old fashioned paper chains.I LOVED making those when I was a kid.So I'm definitely going to have a go at yours in the next couple of weeks. They'll be great in a row down the cente of the table.The 'quilled' ones from ETSY are especially lovely too.. although I confess I would make them myself. Altogether a very pretty post. Jo xx

  9. Lana Mango says:

    This year when I went to the city there was mall that had consecutive isles full of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decoration. In September!. An amazing feat, considering neither Halloween, nor Thanksgivings are part our culture. I am taking bets on how long they will take them to just mix all the holidays into one, big, year-long one.

  10. Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too says:

    These are adorable & they look so easy! Thanks for sharing this with us. I feel your pain on the Christmas music. It would not be so bad if stores didn't start playing it before Halloween!

  11. Love your paper balls Lana Mango, I'm sure I remember making similar things as a child..I love Christmas-time, but like you, I hold off until at least December and like to keep the decoration as tasteful as possible! I have some lovely green and clear glass ornaments (simple modern ones rather than traditional more garish ones!) which I have gradually collected over the last 9 years since we bought our house. These hang on the tree, and we don't do much beyond the tree. Karl and the kids do like to have lights up so we have a few..Looking forward to seeing your handmade gift ideas, I'm trying to make as many gifts as possible this year..

  12. These are so pretty!!!!! I'm heading down to the sewing room later today with this idea. Thanks, Lana Mango!!

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