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  1. Fantastic tips! I haven't painted any furniture pieces yet but have done many walls. Your illustrated tips explain perfect how to deal with the outer corners on walls. I'd love to paint furniture as beautifully as you do. 🙂

  2. Great tips, Lana Mango. Love your drawings, they don't suck at all :)I always prime for virgin, but I've never had to strip for painted (yet), I just get stuck in with the sandpaper. I have had a real drama with stains though – I have a bookcase in my shed that I can't for the life of me figure out how to paint. I've stripped, I've tried stain blockers, primers, 7 coats of paint, nothing will stop that crap bleeding through. Have you ever had any problems like this?

  3. I absolutely *love* your blog. Your photographs are cool, crisp, and oh, so professional!I also love your adventure. You're up for tackling every obstacle that comes your way. You find a solution and you work your way through it. I *love* that!So, thank you for your pioneer spirit, for your generosity in sharing, and for your standard of beauty that you convey through your photos. And thank you for sharing your stories and the people in those stories. I love it all and I thank you for your postings!

  4. @ Anonimous:Wow! I am speechless (that doesn't happen often). Thank you, you are far too [email protected]:All that and it still bleeds through? Have you considered consulting an exorcist? :)I can only think that the wood is probably soaked in something. Perhaps if you went to a specialist store they'd know what to do. I am baffled.

  5. Thanks Lana Mango, it has me stumped (haha) too. And I have considered almost everything, not an exorcist though. Yet.

  6. Thanks Lana Mango for considering the request and posting on the techniques.It is very helpful and the best for beginners like me.

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