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  1. Lovely, lovely as always! I enjoy coming here. For me it's like a surprise party because I never know what eye candy you have prepared for us!Great job with the bench (wish I had one like that); as for the rug – I am in charge of trying to remove stains. Painting a rug is not my department 🙂 I leave that to my children, but I am sure you are not into "that" kind of painting.Wood stain does sound like a great idea and I can't wait to see what you'll do with it!

  2. This little vignette makes a lovely first impression of your home. I'm still really liking the banner you made! For the rug I would try dying/painting the trim a lovely green like in your cushions. I would never have thought of using wood stain, but I think it is a great idea.

  3. I'm sure I saw a piece on Cityline [Canadian daytime magazine show] where Tommy Smythe painted a selection of jute rugs with different patterns..He edged one… did stripes on another, I'll go see if I can find a link of somekind.Jo xxp.s. love the leather pennants btw.. now I'm off to see what you did with the shadow boxes.

  4. Rit fabric dye? Try reading their website, and Edie's blog, contained therein. I think if you do a search for Rit dye and rugs you can come up with something. Not that this is quite the same, but I used Rit dye to dye a set of wood steps I made out back. I happened to get the dye half price at the supermarket, so it was way cheaper than going to HD and getting proper stain. It looked nice. For a while. Then it faded. I dyed it a second time and it faded again. Maybe not such a good idea, although it is well established you can dye wood with Rit dyes. I'm guessing the sun faded it, although it doesn't get much direct sun. Just saying, I don't know how color fast you could make a rug, if that matters. But I'm pretty sure Rit would do the trick. Or get some natural materials and boil up your own dye. Walnut husks?

  5. O Lana Mango! Its gorgeous. I am totally in love with everything you create. Your home is like reading a lovely story.

  6. Love it! So fresh and fun like the rest of your house.I painted the word "Welcome" & a decorative border on a sisal rug I have at my front door with watered down acrylic craft paint. I watered it down so the paint would soak down into the layers of texture & fibers. The main thing is not to expect a super crisp line. I love how it came out and it has been surprisingly durable. It's been about 6 months and even though everyone who walks through our door steps on it, it looks just as good as the day I painted it.Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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