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  1. Gorgeous! I envy people who can afford white furniture – especially sofas. With my children's temperament it equals a nervous breakdown!

  2. You have done an amazing job and I love the colours. Great idea to cover the top of the bookcase with matching fabric. Love it. Thanks for the inspiration.Pam

  3. Oh! Thank you for referring my name!The way you sew reminds me my pillows!But I never imagined that would have inspired in my Daisys cushion cover!I loved the results! The blue tones are beautiful in their white sofa!Congratulations!marlene

  4. I love the texture your sewing gave the pillow.. looks lovely against the white sofa.

  5. You're killing me with your gorgeous white slipcovers. I was hot to trot to do this, but my sewing skills are not all that so I chickened out. I love, love, love your seams on the outside of the pillow. Makes them so much funkier. Great job!

  6. Love them! Especially the texture! You make such beautiful things!

  7. Oh so so gorgeous!! I'll be back again tonight… to check on all your other posts.. Thanks so much for linking it to my blog!

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