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Local craftiness in punta cana

One of the few things I miss from living in a large city is the ease with which I could buy my craft supplies. If I wanted to find fabric, notions, paper and such, I lived a 5-minute drive from the largest craft and notions stores in the city. Of course driving was so cumbersome that sometimes, instead of venturing further, I would just order online.

Now living in an outpost there are even fewer choices, but incredibly, for all we miss, we have a craft store in town. Never mind that it is a small shop, that also functions as bookshop and book exchange, at least I can buy essentials and it takes a 5-minute walk from home. I still buy a lot online (fabric, for example), but whenever I can I patronize the local shop.

Local craftiness
This christmas ornaments are all made from natural elements, like dry leaves, small coconut shells, twigs, star anise. They are very beautiful, and i will get some for our home.
Local craftiness
Something i will not get, but still like: candy wreaths. They look pretty, but would not last long here.
Local craftiness
Reusable shopping bags adorned with felt and buttons flowers: shop in style and make mom earth happy. Great, inexpensive gift for the tree-hugger in the family.
Local craftiness
These are not for sale, but how cool are these pen-holders made from re-used tin cans? I especially like the one covered in felt.
Local craftiness
More felt ornaments, the baskets are lovely, and i envision them full of candy for guests (xmas and candies go together here).

Something else I like about the shop is that they always have handmade things made by local crafters (amazing how many crafters there are in such a small place as PuntaCana).

If you are around here, drop by and shop some (I gotta keep my purveyors of crafty stuff in business), if you are not, then get inspired with these lovely things.

Aunt Clara

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  1. It all looks lovely! The natural decorations and all the felt goodies especially 🙂

  2. Love Paper Moon – it has made a huge difference to us here in Punta Cana!

  3. Miss Val's Creations says:

    Wondeful items! I love the candy wreaths. How fun! ~Val

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