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  1. Well we definitely *live* in our living room, so I'm biased ;)Our house is completely different though (English Victorian terraced). I really envy your light spacious living spaces, as much as I do love our house, yours is definitely The Home in Paradise!

  2. Also, I was going to say – I love your cushions, the leaves are lovely, and the shells are really beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! Your photos always look so amazing! There's no way I'd be able to have white anything in my house with the kids that I've got!

  4. Thanks, Cheryl and A*.Luckily my husband and kid can be trusted around white furniture. And I find it actually easier to maintain (bring out the heavy duty washing cycle!).

  5. It looks really beautiful, Lana Mango. At least if you don't use it much, you won't have to worry about keeping it tidy! I love, love, love the slip cover, I wish I could have white ones. Alas, little boys and white do not mix. Not my little boys, anyway! You have done such a lovely job here. Superb!

  6. In my house the living room is the focal point, the heart of the home. However, yours is gorgeous! And white! White does not go well with my children too! I am in love with this. As if taken from a magazine. Can I please live in your room for a while? 🙂

  7. Thanks, Abby and Maya.I may be alone on this, but I find white easier to keep clean. We only have white towels, mostly white linen and the white slipcovers are strong-enough and easy-to-remove-enough, to go on the washing machine whenever necessary.

  8. Wow, so glad I found you blog from Young House Love. It's amazing. I love, love, love those chairs.

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