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  1. Another clever bag Lana Mango.. I'm not keen on the idea of snot rags, but I agree that tissues are wasteful.. at least yours are the right colour!

  2. I love the idea of snot rags!! Kids like to wipe their noses on their clothes anyways, so why not; and the pouch is super cute too!

  3. My kids usually sneak up to give me hug, but in all reality they are using the hug as way to wipe their little runny nose on my shirt…so I'm saying – Yay for snot rags! Maybe they'll stop using my shirt…while I'm wearing it.The bag is super cute too.

  4. @ AnjiI used a green tee because I was trying to convey the idea of green = earth-friendly. I guess my color choice backfired. 🙂

  5. your pouch looks really pretty. I actually always carry two in my bag…one for the keys of the entire house & other for toiletries…makes it so much easier. Yay for snot rags…we always wash them separately in a big mug & its so much softer on my two year old's button nose:)

  6. By the way, I carry a small ziplock bag (the smallest I find) to put the dirty snot rags in until we get home. We don't want to spread those germs any further.

  7. A definite yes for snot rags lol! I refuse to spend money on paper tissues & haven't bought any for at least 20 years. Good for you!Love the pouch, it's very pretty as well as useful. 🙂

  8. As a poor graduate student – and enthusiastic tree-hugger – I completely approve of your snot rags. I use hankies, but yours are even earth-friendlier. So there, yay!~ Sunny ~

  9. I love the snot rag idea! My hubby carries a hanky, but I am always looking for something to wipe my 1yo son's nose. I'm going to make some snot rags for my purse!

  10. Yay for snot rags! I've used hankies all my life and agree – they're much gentler on the nose than a scratchy tissue.

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