Knitting for Little Feet

Knitting for little feet

I’ve always liked knitting and crocheting, which is amazing for someone with the patience of a two year old. The problem is that knitting is not exactly a Tropical-friendly craft, so I have moved on to other crafty things, even if once-in-a-while I dig up my needles and yarn.

These slippers were made a couple of years ago from a modified version of these ballet slippers I found on Knitty. They are pretty simple, and make a great gift for the little princesses. It takes little time to knit them and use very little yarn.

Knitting for little feet

I knit these with a fresh cotton yarn to keep them from becoming too hot, after all, it’s always summer here. They’ll also make great room shoes to keep the wee feet warm in colder winters.

The cute pink socks were also made from another Knitty pattern. The white ones were simple toe-up socks in two different colors. Knit in thin cotton yarn with the same variegated pink they other ones were cool enough for the heat here.

Socks also make great gifts for the kids ones, and for those who live in colder climates, a thicker wool yarn will make some cozy, warm socks that little feet will love.

Aunt Clara

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  1. Barbara Photography says:

    very nice!

  2. They are all lovely! I love cotton yarn the best, or linen, I have a couple of fine knit linen tops and they are cool in summer and warm in winter :)My mum just finished knitting hats and scarves for my two, they are lovely. I must take photos and post on my blog… one day maybe I will get around to learning to knit/crochet myself, I would love to.

  3. purplehomes says:

    those are too cute..i would never them..frame them instead, will that be ok? 🙂

  4. xmarianax says:

    Aw I love those socks!!! And they'd come in handy with this cold weather in FL! :X Yeah, that's right! FL!

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