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  1. I'm a huge Ikea fan too. You're so right about it being great to modify & unlike other places, despite the cheap prices the stuff really holds up! I love what you've done – especially the paper covered boxes & stained toy box – they look so fancy:)

  2. Some of our Ikea stuff is very old, and they are still holding up well. Of course a lot of it stands little abuse, but a reasonably careful person will have no problems with most of their products.


    I love Ikea. Years ago I bought an Ikea decorating book on clearance form Borders. At the time I had no idea what Ikea was. A few years later, after spending all that time hankering to go Ikea shopping, on vacation in Montreal, we saw Ikea. I shopped, cramming the car so full my son had to be smooshed in and dragged the stuff back to Indiana. My love for Ikea still stands. Love how you've jazzed up your stuff!

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