How to Renew a Keyboard Tray

How to renew a keyboard tray

This  thing is my keyboard tray. It sure ain’t pretty, but it it is a darn fine keyboard tray.

For somebody like me, who spends many hours typing, this is a life-saver. Maybe more like a wrist-saver. This tray is fully adjustable, very ergonomic, and along with my, Oh-so-very-ugly-Aeron chair I will keep Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and back pain at bay a little longer.

I bought this thing three years ago, and it is so heavy it cost me a small fortune just in shipping. It’s was well worth it.

When we moved to PuntaCana, and packed our stuff for what we thought was a “couple of months” of temporary lodging, I bought a super-cheap desk that would not hold the weight of this thing. So it remained packed in a box. For 18 months. And it rained on the box once. And I didn’t find out for weeks.

How to renew a keyboard trayHow to renew a keyboard tray

By the time I unpacked it it was not in its best shape. The mouse pad had disintegrated, the metal parts had some rust spots and the wrists support was coming apart. I still installed it, and used it for a few months just like that. Its ugliness offended me, but wrist pain is stronger than my delicate aesthetic sensibilities.

But then I started getting a rash. The wrist support had become so scratchy that I seriously considered throwing the whole thing away and getting a new one.

Before I did that I figured I might at least give fixing it a try.

How to renew a keyboard tray

When I disassembled it I found out that the wrist support had a wooden base. So I just used some scrap fabric and my faithful staple gun and covered it with fabric. I made a new mousepad with a piece of fabric and a small cork tile I had. I used double-side tape to stick it to the base. It can be removed and recovered, same as the wrist support.

I used spray adhesive to cover the mouse pad, and as the last step gave it a thorough soaking of Scotchgard.

How to renew a keyboard tray

You must have noticed the change of color. That was courtesy of some spray paint. It covered up some scratches just fine.

How to renew a keyboard tray

Ah, yeah, after two years I ended up having to recover everything. It took me a few minutes, so no sweat.


That’s the advantage of using fabric covers.

How to renew a keyboard trayI wasn’t trying to make this thing pretty. Sometimes it really is form over function. I  just wanted to make the tray usable again, and save me some money in the process. Not to mention it’s something less that will end up in a trash heap somewhere.

Often times I find it best to try to fix something before considering buying a new one. What’s the worst that can happen?

Excuse me while I go around all day singing “Falling in Love Again” in my best Marlene voice.

Aunt Clara

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  1. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks Cheri, it's too bad they don't have it. Nice of you to check out.

  2. Hey Lana Mango, I looked on JoAnn's online, but I couldn't find the shirred fabric on their site. Sorry! I tried!

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