How to Sew an Easy Patchwork Pillow

How to sew an easy patchwork pillow

I am in love.

And not with my husband. I mean, yes, I love my husband, but I am having a secret romance, with my newly-slipcovered sofa.

What in the name of Martha possessed me to buy more than 15 yds of fabric to make slipcovers before I figured out that white was the way to go? I blame paint fumes.

My new favorite pillow
How to sew an easy patchwork pillow

A sofa so deliciously plump, and blindingly white deserved some cute pillows.

Can you see it? I reused some scraps of the same fabric I covered the top of the bookcase with. I couldn’t let it go to waste. I am cheap frugal like that.

How to sew an easy patchwork pillow

While it looks like a regular patchwork pillow from afar, there is a twist to it.

Yep, the stitching is on the outside. I used the serger to join the squares, leaving the edges exposed. It gives the pillow some texture.

I was inspired by these awesome crocheted pillows by Marlene that I have set my sight on.

My new favorite pillow

I added blue piping made out of the reverse side of some blue taffeta. The pillow closes with a zipper on the back. The back is made of some cute  fabric that I also used on the front.

Ah, one of my favorite corners of our home. The perfect spot to cozy up on, enjoy a cup of my favorite ginger tea and watch my favorite show:


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