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  1. It's true – how many times have we been to houses with perfectly good sofas that are overloaded with cushions that leave the sitter with less than two inches of butt-space. As ever, less is more.

  2. While I am writing this all the colour drains from my face because I suddenly realize that most of our friends do not have pillows on their sofas …. (gulp… is that normal??).I like when the aestetics is preserved and the sofas don't look suffocating and the sitter feels comfortable. So I guess I second Chiri by confirming that less is always and unmistakenly more…

  3. I love all your cushions Lana Mango (as you probably know by now!)I have made almost all of ours too incidentally.. and yes – they are all functional as well as decorative, I'm with you on that.

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