Girl’s Top Pattern

Let’s hope you enjoy sewing this Girl’s Top (Free Pattern and Instructions Inside) for your little princess as much as I did.

Girl's top (free pattern and instructions)

What were we talking about? Something about cats… no? Ah, Laura’s top and skirt (click to see the instructions for the skirt).

If this top looks suspiciously like the Easter Top I sewed a few weeks back, its because they are generally the same, with only minor cosmetic changes. But these top and skirt for a little girl with free pattern is easy to sew. Let’s hope you enjoy sewing this for your little princess as much as I did.

First this free pattern is available exactly in one size: Little Mango (and Laura).

Laura is a slim 5 year old, Little Mango is slightly heavier and 4 years and 10 months old. According to some dress bought in Denmark (sorry, we do not have any clothes made for the US market as I rarely buy any clothes for Little Mango) she’s a size US-5, EUR-110, CAN-110/160, FR-5. Whatever that is. More specifically, Little Mango measures 23.5″ around her waist (do kids even have waists?)

Girl's top (free pattern and instructions inside): let's hope you enjoy sewing this for your little princess as much as i did.

This is the back. I used an elastic band, and crossed shoulder straps.

The bows is one of the details in which the Laura top differs from the Easter Top. It’s not only an embellishment, it also covers the fact that the print pattern on the straps doesn’t match the front where they join (I used exactly half a yard, and I ran out of fabric to match the patterns). You do not need to add the bows if you don’t like, but I included the pattern for them too.

Click here to download the pattern. It’ll save a PDF file to your computer. Print out the five pages making sure that your computer does not resize the file when you send it to the printer. This is very important. Check the page with the blue box and a scale to see if you printed it at the correct size.

The front is divided into two pages so it would fit into a US Letter-size paper. tape together at the join mark.

The blue line indicates suggested sewing allowance.


  1. Pin the pattern to the fabric. If you use a print with a geometric, or large pattern, make sure that there is   a continuity between the pieces. For example, the straps have to match the front, and the pattern have to continue around to the back. I hope this makes sense. It makes sense in my head.
  2. Where there is a fold mark fold the fabric and match with the fold mark on the pattern. Cut all your pieces.

And now with photos:

Laura's top (pattern inside)
Pattern 11

Clear as mud!

I promise that if you have any questions I’ll try to answer.

Girl's top

Again, this pattern is free, and you can use it or repost it with proper attribution. And please, send me a photo if you do sew this top. Make a gal happy.

Happy sewing!

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