Using Frosted Privacy Film on Windows

Lacking privacy in your home? This is how i nearly became an expert on using frosted privacy film and found the best one out there.

When you are coming up the steps to our apartment this is what greets you:

Not Little Mango, although she could be there to greet you too, I mean The Aquarium Exhibit: six windows at eye-level, looking into our kitchen and dining room. Don’t they look cool? The only problem? They were see-through.

You see, whoever designed our building had the brilliant idea to put six square, smallish windows (four of which don’t open) right on the corridor. Anyone coming or going had an unblocked view of our home, much in the way of what Aunt Ilana called a “fishbowl”.

There are industries dedicated to quick fixes for home design failures. This is how i nearly became an expert on using frosted privacy film on windows.

“Give this designer a toaster oven and a farewell applause!”

There is a certain logic to these windows. The dining room (the kitchen in the original design) have no windows to the outside (“give back that toaster oven!”), so the fishbowl provides some light — and if one doesn’t mind an open window to a common area, some ventilation.

A proper solution would have been to have two rows of windows, the lower row of windows that didn’t open, placed at eye level for light to come in; and another row, placed above, that would open for ventilation. After all, last I remember, hot air goes up, so higher windows are better. And not using completely translucent glass would have been the smart choice.

There are industries dedicated to quick fixes for home design failures. This is how i nearly became an expert on using frosted privacy film on windows.

Nevermind the above, the proper solution would have been to design apartments so that every room had windows to the outside, but, oh well (“forget the applause too!”).

Seeing as I like my privacy, thankyouverymuch, I thought of, and searched for ideas to correct this situation. In order to avoid horrifying our neighbors as we traipse around the house in our underwear, I decided I needed windows that would let in light, but keep a modicum of privacy. Every solution I thought involved a lot of work or money. Or both. There had to be a better way…

After some research, a large online order and much crossing of fingers, I finally got a film from Amazon that I should call the Cadillac of window films. It was incredibly easy to install, durable (note: 4 years later they still look as good as the first day!) and imitates textured glass almost to perfection.

Each roll comes with a squeegee to install it, you’ll need a spray bottle full of soapy water, a sharp cutter, metal ruler and measuring tape (seamstress’ measuring tape worked better). The film isn’t adhesive, so you can remove and reposition as many times as needed. Bubbles weren’t a problem either (I had installed adhesive films before, and they never work well), they lie completely flat. It completely fools people unless they touch the window film and notice the rubbery texture.

The Aquarium Exhibit went from pain in the tuckus to cool feature. Check out the other designs available.

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It’s 2019, and we just moved to a new home. The film in our old apartment is still holding up well, with no changes to it. I just had to re-stick the corner of one that had become unattached (with water and dish soap). For our new home we covered all our windows (more than a dozen) with the same film, we liked it that much. It is the best privacy window film we’ve found. The picture right above is from our new house.

On the bad side, two of the rolls we bought from another vendor (not the one linked) were defective. The ones I link above were fine.

Note: Links contain affiliate codes. I will receive a few cents if you buy this product following that link. It doesn’t cost you extra. I paid for these products with my own money.

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  1. Do you remember the brand of window film? The links no longer connect. Thanks so much!

  2. So, may I employ any aged bread recipe in my bread machine because lengthy as I bake it in my oven?

    1. Lana Mango says:

      Yes, any regular white bread. It will have changes in the texture, but I have used several type of white breads and it always turns out fine.

  3. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks DS. I do not yet make patterns for my handbags, much like anything I do I just make it up as I go along. It usually works well, other times not so.Perhaps in the future I'll make patterns for my handbags and other sewing projects.

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    Hi, I've stumbled over from Crap I've Made. She warned that we should have a spare hour or two before coming by and she was right. Your bags are adorable, is there a pattern for these, or do you sell them. I don't have a blog, but I love reading about all of the creativity and great, inspiring ideas floating around, you're all amazing women. DS

  5. Lana Mango says:

    And you notice about the pattern and my blog wallpaper. 🙂 Clever girl!

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    Duh!I fixed it. Thanks Jabopee!

  7. very fetching indeed and an amazing improvement ..also, they go very well with your background blog wallpaper;0)ps those links don't seem to go anywhere ??

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