Pretty Jars for Organizing your Sewings Notions

Pretty jars for organizing sewings notions

I have yet to meet someone that loves sewing and does not have a deeply-held love for fabric and buttons. I adore buttons, and sometimes I use them for sewing.

I have a pretty decent collection of buttons. They come from estate sales, they come from lot sales, they come from online stores, they come from brick and mortar stores, and they come from our own old clothes. But instead of showing you (or showing off) my button collection, I’ll show you how I store them.

Pretty jars for organizing your sewings notions

I have kept every jar of salsa and dips we’ve bought in the last few years (not that many really). I’ve used my favorite fabric scraps to cover the lids, some coordinating thin rickrack to finish it.

I organized my buttons by colors and size, and now I get a little bit of happiness every time I see them.

Pretty jars for organizing your sewings notions

I like the jars almost as much as I like the buttons. And they are pretty organized, and organized prettily, which is just how I like things.

How do you organize and store your buttons?

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  1. Milissa E. says:

    Do you just glue the fabric to the top? What type of glue do you find works best?Thank you.

  2. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks, A* and Maya.Most of these buttons are vintage and reused. The clothes that are not in a good shape when we are done with them turn into cleaning rags, and I "cannibalize" them for buttons, zippers and other usable parts. Some of my favorite buttons came to me that way.

  3. Little Treasures says:

    Lovely!! Yes, I do collect buttons (especially vintage ones) and I keep those in a birthday tin box I received as a little girl (special box for special buttons) while the others are kept in transparent plastic tubes – assorted by color.

  4. I love your button jars, especially the fabric covered lids and the fact that they're recycled. I do collect buttons, amongst many other things! I am in the process of building up a jar collection to store buttons and many other things prettily!

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