Better, Back-Opening Pillowcases

Better, back-opening pillowcases

In our home we like our beds to look and be as simple as possible. We do not want morning bed-making turned into  a big production. And we do not like overpillowficated beds (if that ain’t a word somebody oughta contact the Webster’s people).We don’t like beds that look like they are meant to just be looked at, siesta is a big deal in this home, our beds simply need a little pull and tuck and they are back to their made-up selves in no time. So, simple it is for us.

We are weird like that.

Better, back-opening pillowcases

Something that has bugged me for years is the ways pillowcases are made, sometimes you find the pillow escaping in the middle of the night, and they look awful with all the empty space and large flap on one side. As soon as we buy new bedding sets the first thing I do is remake the pillowcases. You’ll see why.

This is a regular pillowcase, notice all the empty space on one side?

Not attractive. It makes the bed look disheveled. If you have a sewing machine, fixing this is easy as 1,2,3.

Click on the pictures to see the instructions:

This is a flannel set from the Martha Stewart collection. I love it, it’s very soft and durable and we’ve bought 6 sets of the same (there are two beds in Little Mango’s bedroom).

Now her bed looks a bit more dressed, but still easy and quick to make in the morning. And whatever time we have siesta.

Aunt Clara

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  1. Lana Mango says:

    Hi Melissa, I bought this a long time ago, I usually add the name and provenance of my fabrics, but in this case it escapes me.

  2. I love this fabric the red and blue floral. Can you tell me who makes it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great idea with the pillow cases! I'm just a bit unclear about how to do it. Do I cut all 3 seams and then sew it back together? Do you have more pics that describe it a little better. Thanks!

  4. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks you, I am glad you found my idea helpful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love your blogs. I just now followed you here from Apartmenttherapy, where they featured your DIY closet, and had to come find out what else you've been doing. And this pillowcase idea is perfect. Thank you for the how-to pictures!

  6. Lana Mango says:

    Thanks Kristin, stick around for more pictures of her bedroom.

  7. Kristin ~ Bien Living Design says:

    I love children's rooms & I have to say that Little Mango's room now tops my list! So sweet, simple and just the right amount of girly 🙂

  8. Little Treasures says:

    I loved your post! I also hate overpillowed beds and totally agree with you on the subject!The room pictured is amazing – as if taken from a magazine!

  9. They look much better now, but did you just reduce the size of the pillowcases or create a nifty device for folding them closed like Europillows?

  10. Lana Mango says:

    Both. The edges overlap on the "wrong side", and I adjusted the size that way. The pillow needs some coaxing to get it in the cover, but it doesn't go anywhere when it's in.I'll add a picture of the back in the post to make it clearer.

  11. You are such a clever cookie! I'm all for easy bed making, the quicker the better.

  12. What a great idea! Love the fabric you used for your pillows too!Have a great weekend!Rachel x

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