Bedroom Dilemmas

Bedroom dilemmas: mom and dad' bedroom usually is the armpit of the home, and the last place to get some love. But i got some ideas.

Ok, let’s talk about our bedroom.  I think this is the most pictures I have ever posted of it, mostly because we have done nothing of import in it since we moved in. It’s not that I don’t like our bedroom, it’s that I still find it a little lacking. I am trying to improve things a bit these days.

Isn’t it always like that? Mom and dad’ bedroom usually is the armpit of the home, and the last place to get some love. But I got some ideas.

If you see that wall on the back you’ll notice a new addition. We brought those when we moved to Punta Cana more than 2 years ago. They are limited reproductions of watercolors depicting shells from the island. I had those in a closet, where Bo found them, and asked why we hadn’t hung those on the wall. The lack of frames seemed as good an excuse as any.

Bedroom dilemmas: mom and dad' bedroom usually is the armpit of the home, and the last place to get some love. But i got some ideas.Bedroom dilemmas: mom and dad' bedroom usually is the armpit of the home, and the last place to get some love. But i got some ideas.

And then I decided to hang them on the wall right away, while I order (or make) some frames. I used some curtain rings that came with the curtain bars in Little Mango’s bedroom and that I never used. I now like it so much that whatever I do is now going to involve those curtain rings. I’ll keep you posted.

Bedroom dilemmas: mom and dad' bedroom usually is the armpit of the home, and the last place to get some love. But i got some ideas.

So far I have got a few great ideas from you guys, like AP’s suggestion to paint the back wall in that blue in Little Mango’s painting, or Jo’s idea of adding curtain panels to the corners of the bed (yes, I am repurposing the canopy), or Trina’s support for my idea to use embossed wallpaper.

Right now I am convinced I need more texture on that back wall, not color. But since I am not in the mood for any big construction projects I am thinking on something closer to removable wall treatments.

Bedroom dilemmas: mom and dad' bedroom usually is the armpit of the home, and the last place to get some love. But i got some ideas.

1. Bamboo Grasscloth Wallpaper, 2. Beadboard Paintable Wallpaper, 3. Embossed Brick Wallpaper, 4. Eden Wallpaper (affiliate link), 5 Block Textured Wallpaper, 6. Vinyl Textured Wallpaper.

These are some I am considering. They are all reasonably priced, I need them for one wall only after all. I would still paint / keep it white. If time and money were not a constrain I’d love a white brick wall on the back, but that is not going to happen, I’ve had enough of dust and construction mess to last me a lifetime.

So far I am leaning towards the beadboard embossed wallpaper (2), or the brick embossed wallpaper (3), or the leafy pattern (4). Decisions, decisions.

I also have to think of a way to add curtains to our oddly-shaped windows on our slopped walls. We’re still waking up way too early almost a year after moving because I can’t think of anything I’d like on the windows.

I’d love to hear more ideas about my wall and windows dilemmas. The more ideas I bounce around my head, the better chance I have of coming up with something useful.

Aunt Clara

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  1. # 4 is fantastic! Seems the ideal for braking the verticals & horizontals (and squares) so present in the room, and also the stripes (well, about that, I suppose you have different linens). Will match perfectly the bed head.As for the windows, just an idea – we used to have curtains that were directly attached to the window frames by 2 bars (an upper and a lower bar) in our family house – that was used for windows that were often opened and needed also to be mostly covered, and we didn't wanted to bother with managing the curtains (our huge bathroom window has it and one of the upper kitchen window, similar to yours, too). My mother liked the curtains ruffled, and liked the stretched ones (same size as the window). Maybe you can modify this idea for your windows.

  2. Lana Mango! #4! It's so you and the one I instantly liked! I love the shell watercolours too and I LOVE Little Mango's paintings! I think your room is lovely, clean and white and airy, and all the little extras will just add to the charm 🙂

  3. Jo Dumoulin says:

    I really like N*4 too.. seems we all like that one.I do wonder though if it's Caribbean enough… and somewhere I have JUST seen that tongue and groove wallpaper used to fantastic effect in a finished room.. Now I come to think of it it might have been in this month's Style at Home magazine. I'll try and find the photos.Kim mentioned that it's not very Caribbean either, which is fair comment, but there are strong English influences in the Caribbean and I know for a fact that India Hicks loves tongue & groove and has it in her house.. so I think that means it's OK ??Can't wait to see what you decide..Jo xx

  4. Lana Mango says:

    @ Kadi:We have thought of that, but neither of us like sleeping masks. 🙂 So many great ideas, and things to think about. Thanks! Keep them coming.

  5. What a fun idea for the walls. I'm loving the embossed beadboard or white brick. I've never seen that before. The shell art is beautiful by the way.

  6. Alisi's Mummy says:

    I agree with your thoughts on keeping it all white. It's perfect for the tropical climate. I like the leaf embossed wallpaper option. The swirly curves help offset the starkness (is that a word?) of the all white room. Plus I love a plant motif!That top opening window looks very awkward to dress. I've seen some slick looking commercially available blind systems for sloping windows, but have never looked closely enough to figure out how to make them.

  7. I love grasscloth, but are you saying you'd paint it white? I also love beadboard, but I don't know that it fits w/your Caribbean style.BTW…are you safe from the storm?!?!? I heard it's heading for the DR and Haiti. I immediately thought of you. Hope you're ok!

  8. lila Check says:

    I simply love option number four! so simple,clean and classy!

  9. How about sewing sleeping masks for both of you? :)I get morning sun from my bedroom roof windows, but I didn't want to spend money on blackout blinds. So one day I got bored, googled sleeping masks and decided to make my own. Time well spent! Now we both use them almost every night. 😉

  10. Lana Mango says:

    You are right Amy, I notice I miscalculated after I hung them, but seeing as they don't have anything right now I decided to move them when I find some pictures I like.

  11. Amy Lagerquist says:

    Pretty, but I wonder if you couldn't get a little better feeling of warmth from hanging your art lower on the walls. The green frame, in particular, is way too high and "feels" disconnecting. I run by the rule that the art should be somewhere halfway between your line of sight when sitting and when standing.

  12. I like #4 as well, however, #1 might be a nice play on the bedding, #6 with the lamp and chair.

  13. Lana Mango says:

    @Susie:Yes, no. 4 is really tempting me. For one, it is not "fake something", and it has a nice modern, but organic motif I [email protected]:Pink? Hmm, that would have never occurred to me. And sorry to everybody for the unprecedented (as opposed to the usual) number of missing words, grammatical errors and misspellings in today's post. Let's pretend is my lousy, old, sticky keyboard that is to blame.Yeah, bad keyboard, that is the ticket.

  14. I like the leaf pattern, and agree that a pop of color will liven it up, my preference is a light blush pink, which will change all day with the tropical light.

  15. loving number 4- these are terrific options. looking forward to seeing how it all transpires!

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